About Us

The Ukrainian manufacturer of silicon lures for fishing of predatory fish and  fishermen good mood!

Silicon lures, FL Fresh Lures, the result of the consolidation of experience and knowledge of the group of the development team who are seasoned fishers. The main task of which is the creation of the lure set, which is maximally effectively working in different conditions, whether it is a wild river, a lake, or a sports reservoir.

As a result, we have managed to develop array of edible lures, elastic of silicone corresponds preferences of the fish, the fisherman will be agreeable surprised at. The indifferent variety of the forms and colours palette will allow to catch both active, and passive fish.

You can find in our arsenal silicon lures for summer heat, for humid and cold autumn or spring thaw weather. We also recall the winter season. The main difference of the lures FL Fresh Lures they are that they are improved attractants, providing persistent  supplying resistant smell and appeal of silicon lures for your booties. With our lures you will be gladdened, biting both pike, perches and pike perches, and picky chub, trout and chars.